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We visited many countries in the past but it was always only “vacation”.

We stayed somewhere for a few weeks, traveling from one point to another with a given end-date.  We optimized our travels by focusing only on one specific region of a country to have enough time for special emotions and experiences but it was always too short! Sufficient to relax but not to understand the place.

Well, now the paradigm has completely shifted.

We are no longer taking vacations as we can travel full-time! We can go where we like, when we decide and stay as long as we wish: No limits!

The last daysThe last days

Preparing for our long journey of two years! At the end it will be 26 months!











Our intention was maximally 3 bags, we had to add one more!!Our intention was maximally 3 bags, we had to add one more!!

We wanted to limit ourselves to maximally 3 bags and ended up with 4 bags and 92 kg

We need equipment for the sea and for the mountain, for tropical, arid and antarctic climate, for the winter and for the summer, for the sand and for the snow ...











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